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Home Styles

Our team specializes in design-build, handling your project from conception to construction. We have expertise in a variety of designs, styles, and floor plans.


While featuring some more historical architectural designs, our traditional homes deliver classic, timeless elements that you will love coming home to every day.


Craftsman features with rustic elements that are naturally charming and cozy.


Up-to-date design, industrial architecture, and sustainability, as well as open floor plans, large expanses of glass, and minimal exterior expression.

Better Living Starts Now

Little details make an enormous impact on your quality of life in your new home. With our experience and expertise, we know what’s current, what stands the test of time, and what luxury touches will mean the most to your family in your new home.

Luxury Remodeling

Salins Group is your partner through the home remodeling process. Our primary focus is on listening to you, understanding your ideas and helping to create the perfect space for your family.


Beautiful, timeless homes will never go out of style.


Craftsman features with rustic elements that are naturally charming and cozy.


Whether it be contemporary or traditional, Salins Group can help create a style that you love that will also fit your budget.


We will help you design your bathroom to make it efficient, beautiful, and conducive to you.


We can help you design the perfect outdoor space or exterior for your home.

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